Fifi's of DeBary
Welcome to Fifi's of DeBary
41C S HWY 17-92
DeBary, Florida 32713
Where your pet is our best friend!
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Thank you for your interest in
Fifi's of  DeBary.
We hope you find this website
Fun and Informative.
Keep checking back as this
site is updated often!!!!
What We Do:

Please Walk Your Dog Before Entering!!!

Inspect and Review your Dog's Needs
Discuss any Special  Diet or Medication
Your Dog is Prepared for Bathing
Your Dog is Bathed
Dried with Moderate and Cool Dryers
Fluffed or Towel Dried
Final or Finishing Cut
Bandanna or Bows - It's Your Choice!
Want Perfume or Cologne? Let us Know.
All grooms include:

Nails Cut and Dremmeled
Ears Cleaned
Teeth Brushed if Allowed
Pads, and Furnishings Trimmed
Glands Checked and Expressed
Sanitary Area Trimmed
Fluff Drying
Hand Scissoring May Cost a Bit More*

ADVANTAGE*  Flea Treatment
Medicated Shampoo (you may bring your own)
Moisturizing Conditioners (usually included)
Matted Shave Down (Signed Waiver Required)
Dematting (providing it will not cause pain to your
pet, and will be discussed with you prior to the
service being provided).
As your Certified Dog Groomer Brian stands by a rigid "Code of Ethics"
James D. Cantwell,
Groomer, Founder
It is my belief that here at my
Fifi's of DeBary every pet is
"Our Best Friend".

New Addition
We now have toys, collars, leashes, brushes, jewelry
and all your favorite colognes
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